In AFTERSHOCK: Essays from Hong Kong, readers will find some familiar names: Taken together, these 11 journalists are responsible for a sizable chunk of firsthand, on-the-ground reporting that came out of Hong Kong during the 2019 protests.

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Holmes Chan (@holmeschan_) — Freelance journalist, previously a senior reporter at Hong Kong Free Press

Ezra Cheung (@ezracheungtoto) — Journalist writing for the New York Times, CNN and others

Karen Cheung (@karenklcheung) — Writer and editor, previously a senior reporter at Hong Kong Free Press

Rachel Cheung (@rachelcheung1) — Previously a culture desk reporter at the South China Morning Post

Hsiuwen Liu (@liuhsiuwen) — Previously a feature reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese Edition

Nicolle Liu (@nicolle_liu) — Journalist with a financial news publication

Jessie Pang (@jessiepang0125) — Correspondent for Reuters in Hong Kong

Sum Lok-kei (@sumlokkei) — Local news reporter

Elaine Yu (@yuenok) — Freelance journalist for the New York Times and others

The book also features two anonymous contributors.

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